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PANAJI: Corporates in the country are looting natural resources while the government was party to this, said eminent social activist Medha Patkar on Thursday.

She referred to the various mining scams in the country as well as the CAG indictment a corporate in the KG basin gas issue. She was addressing media persons after a meeting with activist groups and India Against Corruption members. State treasuries are losing out, while mining companies were making huge profits by selling natural resources that belong to the nation, Patkar said.

Citing the Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Patkar said corporates have been given massive tax waivers through these SEZs and hence the nation was losing out on tax revenue. Patkar felt land was being acquired to help private companies.

Patkar cited the involvement of ministers in huge land related projects such as Lavasa. On the rising real estate deals in the state, Patkar said "slums are increasing in Goa as there is no affordable housing". She expressed the need to bring together various people's movements towards a common goal of reducing inequality in society.

Patkar praised Goan activist movements for their role in the Nylon-66 and anti-SEZ agitations in the state. Goan activists have been fighting on various issues and have made progress, she said. She listed mining, casinos, the Mopa airport and the RP 2021 as issues that had given rise to agitations in the state.